Colel Chabad and The Blavatnik Food Bank Deliver Food to Those in Need

A massive social services operation was launched at the behest of the Israeli government to help the needy and elderly get the food they need to stay alive.

“As director for more than 35 years, I have never seen an operation of this scale,” said Rabbi Sholom Duchman, “with the need to constantly and immediately adjust to new health and safety regulations and government objectives.”

“They knew the Colel Chabad infrastructure from the National Food Security program was already in place and could be scaled up to add the sourcing, purchasing, packaging, and delivery to an additional 112,500 elderly who were sheltering in place, as well as the distribution of over 100,000 food cards,” Duchman explained.

The Blavatnik Food Bank continues to distribute fresh produce, food staples, and cards to buy food to over 10,800 families, including 6,000 holocaust survivors, in connection with Keren Yedidut. It is also delivering crates of food to an additional 6,000 families facing food insecurity, in connection with local municipalities.